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Flintstones Car Slapped With Parking Ticket

Flintstones Car Slapped With Parking Ticket

Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone were nowhere to be seen as officials left a violation sticker on the prehistoric vehicle.

The owner of a replica Flintstones car found himself in deep rubble after getting a parking ticket in a Florida city.

The Stone Age vehicle, made popular in the classic cartoon series and spin-off films, was pictured illegally parked in Key West, with a red warning sticker stuck to the front wheel.

In a post on its Facebook page, the city urged the owner of the saloon vehicle to come forward before it was towed away.

It wrote: “This Flintstone car is in front of 828 Emma Street. It is illegally parked in the public right of way.

“It’s been red tagged, but the city would really like to find the owner before we have to take it away. Please help us find the owner of this ride… QUICKLY!”

Helpful Bedrock-enthusiasts suggested city officials looked up Fred Flintstone, who owned the car in the cartoon, or his neighbour Barney Rubble as they could be behind the parking error.

But eventually the owner came forward to claim the unique vehicle.

City officials wrote: “The owner has been located! Thanks to everyone who helped on this!

“And thanks for all the funny remarks. This island is awesome!”

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